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PCB manufacturing orders will be documented using our electronic Manufacturing Operation Software AEGIS. To do this, all of the relevant information will be collected using the following checklist:

  • Project name with revision number
  • Gerber files with panel layout, PCB factory, etc. 
    preferably with IPC net list for subsequent verification
  • Specification of the PCB (see the PCB form)
  • Wishes regarding cleaning, coating, etc.
  • Gencad, ASCII or ODB++ files for the SMD machine and AEGIS production suite
  • Instructions for specific components
  • Comprehensive parts list (BOM) in Excel, including: 
    - BOM revision 
    - Quantity of the relevant component 
    - Reference (R16, U3, X1, etc.) 
    - Component type (resistor, IC, etc.) 
    - Type (e.g. ADUC832BRZ) 
    - Value (e.g. 100 nF, 100k, etc.) 
    - Specification (%, V, W, ppm, C0G/X7R, Low ESR, 105 ºC, etc.) 
    - Manufacturer (e.g. Texas Instruments) 
    - Permissible alternatives 
    - SMD / conventional 
    - Placement on top or bottom side of board 
    - Package size (e.g. 0603 or TO220) 
    - Preferably for micro BGAs, QFNs, LGAs the pitch 
    - Farnell numbers, etc. for prototypes
  • Special packaging instructions
  • A photo or example of the board is very helpful to understand your design
  • Planning for the prototype/ pilot runs/ series production/ stock, etc.
  • Any programming test setup, procedure, etc.
  • When supplied: specify type and size of the reel/ tape/ stick, etc.

For assemblies/Mechatronics:

  • Housing and ordering information
  • Installation instructions
  • Wiring drawings
  • Wishes with respect to burn-in
  • Certificate of Conformance (COC)
  • Test procedure
  • etc.

During the tendering process as well as when actually preparing the work, all the information is analyzed and if necessary follow-up questions are asked to achieve a good final result. Much of this information comes in the online project file that will be used during the production phase of the product.

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